‘Main Witness – making accusations and then retracting his accusations’

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Sarabjit Singh Old Pictures
Sarabjit Singh Family Pictures

prayer in a mosque

Peace March by Ex MP Avinash rai khanna

canada human rights visit in 2003

a protest by navjot singh sidhu MP BJP

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  1. lot of life is very diffclut kisenai khanase rise lo such nahi hot jab taak khud na ch ai ris se such nahi hot……………,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,m,. in.@.@

  2. i love my india…..i will fight pakkistan es kissi kay saat na ho

  3. Musharaf ki karni bhi dekh lo uske samne aagaye

  4. Bhagwaan Ji Sarabjit singh ji ke pariwar ko shakti de aur Sarabjit ji ki atma ko shanti pradan karen.

    Pakistan jaise ghatiya desh ko uske karni ki saja mile.


  6. our government is of no use… its a big slap on india for choosing such a f*****ing government..

  7. kaash sarabjeet singh ji american hote………to unke ye din dekhne na padte……our govt is not capable of taking care of their citizens……….R.I.P Sarabjeet singh jee

  8. At first i thought he was a spy and he will be hanged which is normal in both countries in case of espionage but recently when i did some research i felt very sad for Mr singh he was never a spy only an innocent guy who lost his way and went pakistan a innocent man suffering from past 22 years and in the end what does he get a painfull and lonely death given to him by a group of cowards its so sad, shame on them who kill a helpless person,shame on pakistani authorities, shame on Indian leaders our leaders are disgrace to democracy and our country

  9. Let Allah make every person who made Sarabjit’s life a hell on earth also suffer innumerable pain & suffering in their lifetime.

  10. Our brother Sarabjit Singh is killed by pakistanis
    Our God will always with him
    We will always with his family

  11. why sould we beg with pakistani attack and release other prisner

  12. Sarbjit Singh suffered too much.

  13. why manmohan singh dont take action?

  14. sorry bhai ham ap ke liye kuch bhi kar nahi paye. ap apni sari umar rihai ke liye tadapte rahe lekin hamari nakari sarkar kuch na kar payi use na apka dard dikha na apke parivar ki akhonka pani. apka parwar apkeliye ladhta raha aur hamari sarkar sirf hath par hath rake dekti rahi. aj 23 salo bad ap apne watan wapas to aye lekin na ap apna watan dekh paye na apna pariwar dekh paye na apni bacchiyoke sar pe pyar se hath rakh paye. lekin ham apki muat jaya nahi jane denge. ab hamari sarkar ko koina koi thos kadam uthana hi padega. ham unhe majboor kar denge ap ko nyay ham dilwake hi rahenge. main dua karti hu ki apki atma ko shanti mile aur ap ke parivar ko is kathin samay ka samna karne ki takat de. aur ek dua karna chahungi main ki agar apko dubara janm mile to wo bharat me phir se aisi mout jine ke liye na mile. sorry bhai

  15. Pakistanis were not the only ones to kill him, we Indians did that. By not acting in time, by not fighting for him through diplomatic channels, by not giving weightage to his case, by not putting pressure on Pakistan Govt. We left him in isolation in his jail cell, for him to die one day. He had the hope that the Indian Govt will have him brought back one day. Govt wanted this to happen, so that they could score brownie points with regards to peoples sentiments turning against Pakistan ( Anti Pakistan sentiment will be a Pro India sentiment in peoples minds) and score in the next election. I refuse to believe that a country with 120 crores coudlnt rescue an innocent national lodged in a neighbouring country. We are goverened by selfish rulers who dont care about the value of an average citizen. If you want to see what they could have done to save Sarabjit, you must refer to the Rubiana Mufti Sayeed case in understanding that they are caplable of doing much more.

  16. Every criminal should be brought to justice, but this is not a way to bring justice. We Pakistanis are ashamed of Sarbjeet’s murder in Pakistan. If he was a criminal as our courts declared, including the highest court “the Supreme Court” then why it took so long to bring him to justice? My humble request to all politicians our side and across border is that POLITICS should not be at the cost of bloodshed. I firmly beleive that justice is prisoner of politics on both sides of the border and we Pakistanis and Indians must stand together to fight BLODDY POLITICS.

  17. RIP brave Sarabjit singh

  18. I don’t trust this government. I am shamed off this Gov. So helpless this is.
    This gov is useless. God help his family. Please invite us in any manner if we can help his family. I love him and will remember him as Shaheed. But i hate this Gov ti the core.

  19. 22 years is long time to wait for justice, at last justice is not delivered.

    may his soul rest in peace, god give the strength to the family for this loss.

  20. its very sad to hear this..

  21. So sad news today, at last God took him Away. When both the Governments Helpless.

  22. No words to say…
    No use of this portal
    Nonsense killed our brother.
    What to say…..where is heart… where is humanity…
    Sorry Mr.Sarabjith Singh…Sorry…
    only thing I can do for you is pray for your family…
    Sorry Dear Sorry…

  23. All those man here, i would like to say that, killing a man extrajudicial is very bad.
    But saying that he was innocent , release him on humanitarian basis is totally unjust. He was proved guilty of Bomb Blasts and killing of innocent people. He was on death row, but it was converted to Life imprisonment because president Zardari had halted death sentences Since 2008.
    Sarbajeet Singh was as cruel as terrorists of Mumbai attacks. He

  24. I wish that the families of every person who has ill-treated Sarabjit suffers a similar if not worse fate for their life. Everyone including people who politicised his life, who played with emotions of him and his family members and all those who directly or indirectly hurt him.
    I wish from all my heart…

  25. RIP Sri Sarabjit Singh.

  26. Finally Pakistan, You have released Sarabjit Singh. After pleading sooo much, still you never released him. After serving in jail for more than 22 years, you gave him the death which he dont deserve. If you wanted to kill him anyways, why waited for so long. Shame on you Pakistan. But dont expect that we will take revenge. Our Govt is as good as “HIJRA’s” (good for nothing). God bless Sarabjith’s family and give them the strength to survive in this period.

  27. R.I.P Sarabjit Singh , A true hero who stand for his family finally lost a battle , called life ..may his soul granted in peace and heaven.god bless his family
    Martyr Sarabjit Singh Amar rahe

  28. stupid pak kills innocent Indian

  29. we have a very useless govt who can feed terrorirt lik Kasab but can never help innocent like sarbajit , Very sory about Sarbajit Singh death, may his soul rest in peace and my

  30. Sabarjit left for hevean. In a way this is ok insted of suffering in Jail! May god give courage to his family. May god give those who keept him in jail good brains.

  31. I dont have words to say for this inhuman treatment.I cant even think of , how a government can behave like that.He is just a simple person , who would have lived a normal life , if such govts were not there.Its really sad but god will give courage and hope his family can get over this to live a normal life.I will always be praying for him.

  32. Show some kindness to this innocent guy who already suffered 60% of his life….22 years is not smthng even thinkable…plz …i beg for his freedom..plzz

  33. Being in Jail for almost 22 years,60% of his life is not a JOKE.
    The reluctant Government should act to this case as a HUMAN, even the worst terrorist should be judged within a year.
    I would request the authorities to release him and act as a HUMAN to this case.

    MUSLIMS,HINDUS & CHRISTIANS … No matter what religion he is, he is a “HUMAN ON EARTH “

  34. Islam is about love and brotherhood and compassion.

  35. When we can’t prove him to be guilty for more than 22 years then why we can keep him in custody. He’s is not mere Indian, he’s a human also. Me being a Muslim living in India have courage to say that Islam teach mercy and at-least for the one who is not proved guilty..

    Please its time to open the eyes and see the condition he is suffering now, please release him and let him feel that the humanity still exist.

    All Islam followers please help him, he’s also created by god and need to be treated as HUMAN..

    I’ll always be there to stand and say that he must be free and allowed to go back to the place of which he is native and want everyone to please extend your support.

  36. Even if he is a terrorist ( which he is not , as decided by PAK judiciery and hence changed his death sentence into life imprisonment) ; time has come to realise we are human beings and should move on from hatred, anger,guilt,anguish,prejudice,bias and historic blunders. Pls. free Sarabjit Singh. An eye for eye makes the whole world blind.

  37. To Pak Establishment

    Please release Sarabjit Singh…..
    Please release Sarabjit Singh…..
    Please release Sarabjit Singh…..

    time has come to an end…. he fighting for life….. Family is suffering from last 23 years…..

  38. we are heartly request to you, dat plz release Sarabjit Singh

  39. Respected Sir, kindly release him and help him out.

  40. Kindly release Sarabjeet Singh as he is innocent. I always wonder how responsible authorities feel good by keeping the innocent people in jail !! Plz listen to ur heart and do think of ur political career and show ur courage by doing something good for the humanity.

  41. Please release Sarabjit Singh. Praying for his survival and welfare. May the Almighty give him strength to get well and his family to bear this situation.

  42. Dear Pakistan President,

    Pl release sarabjit from jail…He is innocent……Spending 22 years in jail for just crossing boundary between two nations is a big punishment which he already had…Pl help……Pl sir give him some respite.Even he is a human.Only he himself and his family can tell how much both have suffered during these two decades.His daughters need her father….When all of us would have enjoyed our festivals with our families last 22 years he and his family would have missed each other…pl we beg release him sir……

  43. Please release sarabjit singh so that he can see his family .He must be all alone inthe prison.

  44. Please release sarabjit sing. He is an innocent guy. What if he is from india. He is a human being and suffering for the crime which he didn’t even think about that. Pakistan Government please show mercy on that innocent guy. Why is he in a presion for 22 years for the crime which is not proved at all. This means he is suffering and staying away from his family for slow process of finding any proof against him. You can catch him back if you can prove anything true. ANd indian government also can sure you for that if he is a criminal they will return him to you

  45. The law should find the truth behind these allegations. If sarabjit Singh is innocent, please release him.

  46. Hi…

    This is Muhamad Ehsan from Sialkot city,Punjab province,Pakistan.
    Pleas, releas prisnors from boths sides.

  47. Malik iftikhar. Plz release Sarab jeet it is now to time to do some thing unexpeted and we are with the family of sarab jeet always

  48. respected pakistan government please leave sarbjeet singh he is a farmer not a raw agent please leave i read his story please please leave he cannot see his family before 19 years

  49. Please release Sarabjit Singh… He is innocent and is in prison for 22 years without any reason…please release him..it is nothing but injustice to him and his family…

  50. Respected Pakistan Government

    Kindly release Sarabjit Singh
    He is innocent and didnot commit any crime
    Please please please
    release him

  51. ASS HOLE!

  52. Please release Sarabjit Singh… He is innocent and is in prison for 22 years without any reason…please release him..it is nothing but injustice to him and his family…

  53. Please release him sir…he is innocent..spending 22 years in jail is not an easy thing….

  54. Please release him…Please…

  55. Pls let him out,,

  56. plz leave S.Sarabjit Singh..

  57. Dear Pakistan President,

    Pl release sarabjit from jail…He is innocent……Spending 22 years in jail for just crossing boundary between two nations is a big punishment which he already had…Pl help……Pl sir give him some respite.Even he is a human.Only he himself and his family can tell how much both have suffered during these two decades.His daughters need her father….When all of us would have enjoyed our festivals with our families last 22 years he and his family would have missed each other…pl we beg release him sir……

  58. Being Pakistani I support his release as the deads will not return by the death of Sarbjit so let Allah do His justice in the next world. Now the daughters of Sarbjit are more important than Saleem who has already lost his father. May God bless all of us. Bye.

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  63. To Pakistan Establishment

    Please release Sarabjit. Although the man & his family have lost prime of their lives in the waiting game ,but still there is nothing more valuable than life.

    Please set a example & with big heart show to the world that humanity is still valued.

    Feel free to demand the Pakistani people lodged in Indian Jails..We will support you in getting them released as well….

    Life is very valuable & all of us have to go one day….please allow this man to love it with this family.

  64. plz free him we beg u all politicians. shame on indian politicians and sgpc for not doing anything to free sarabjit singh ji

  65. Finally Sarabjit will be freed…. Thank God…

  66. Mr President of Pakistan
    Sir dont you think 21 years spending in jail is enough for crossing the border.
    Please have mercy for sake of his family. Please release him and we request indian government to also release any innocent pakistani who is lodged in indian jails.

  67. I request the same. Leave Mr Singh
    but u know it is very difficult.any way Allah save singh.

  68. please free him

  69. Let the person go he has spent 21yrs of his life in prison let him live his remaining in peace and harmony…there are more bad guys to catch rather than him…My heart goes out to him and his family…I humbly request pakistan govt to release him and let him renunite with his family…

  70. plz free him.god will bless you

  71. please free sarabjit singh

  72. pls pls leave S.Sarabjit Singh..
    so tht he could live his life with his family.

  73. Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

    Please learn from other contries, they take immediate and solid action to save their citizen.

    please save Sarabjit Singh Even he is not guilty, then also he spend 21 years in jail, Please take some action to save him.

    Anil Batra
    (New Delhi

  74. dear president of Pakistan
    have some mercy on that poor man who spent 19 years of his life in one dark room . think about his two beautiful daughters who need their dad the most . his wife and sister . and the main thing is he is innocent . he already had that punishment which jurm he never commit . Mr president and all other politicians GOD will bless you if you help that man and think on this issue seriously ,deeply .take a decision with heart please .we all Das begging in front of GOD and your honor please let him spend some time with his dear ones . his family will bless pakistan rest of their lives and us too . set him FREE please

  75. Respected sir or madam.
    Pls free sarbhjit Singh he is innocent. U know that. Alha will
    help u too if u help someone. Pls my big request to u. How would u feel
    if ur mom ur kids ur wife have to stay away from u for that long
    pls free him.

  76. Respected president of Pakistan

    Pls free sarbjeet Singh. He is innocent u know that. God will help u too if u help someone. How can u do this. U have family. Would u stay away from ur family for that long. How would u feel the crime u never did and somebody put u in this senereo. Pls put urself in his place and make a decision he is inocent pls free him. Alha will bless u. From. Anju kapoor

  77. Please release Sarabjit Singh as soon as possible because he has spent lot of time in dark and without his family. He is an innocent person and he is the person who has not committed not any such offence for which he is punished.

  78. The things unfolding in Sarabjit Singh case are curious and it seems that the man facing death sentence in Lahore jail is innocent. It is duty of all right thinking people to support the cause of Sarabjit Singh.

  79. More should be done to find and arrest the real culprit. It is the duty of every citizen of this planet to raise voice for release of Sarabjit Singh. Join us to unmask the real culprit. Log in to http://www.punjabnewsline.com

  80. Pls release him as he already spent a major part his life in pak jail.
    kindly free him on humantarian groud

  81. Pls release him as he already spent a major part his life in pak jail.
    kindly free him on humantarian groud

  82. Sir
    Please release Sarabjit Singh for Alha sake. The Complete India will be proud of your Pakistan Government. Please release Sarabjit Singh.

    Thank you
    Murali, Hyderabad


  84. pakistan dont take your revenge by giving death penality to sarbjit singh. when you will stop thinking india is not your enemy

  85. leave sarbjit singh just think abut his family what was his mistake ?? for this miner mistake he spend his whole life in jail . is this called justic ?

  86. Honable President of Pakistan,

    It is a case of mistaken identity beyond any doubt. Sarabjeet Singh has already languished in Pakistan jails, so I appeal for his release, this will earn a goodwill of 120 crore Indians.

  87. the other day i met sarabjit;s sister and daughter in a press conference. well i wrk in a news channel and i read abt this case. i feel that sarajit is innocent and that it is high time that he shud nt suffer anymore, he has already suffered for 19 yrs and the supreme court, ministers, govt., and pakistan shud take it seriously and leave sarabjit immidiately.

  88. One more appeal to release Sarabjit Singh to the Government of Pakistan not in the name of humanity, but in the name of truth. You know that Sarabjit is not guilty. Also, you guys will not be able to harm him if he is innocent. Allah will not allow you to have your way in this case. Allah is always with the innocents.

  89. kisi v begunah nu saja den wala hamesha narka da bhaggi banda hai

  90. this is request goverment of pakistan to free sarabjit singh as soon as possible……

  91. Free Sardar Sarabjit singh

  92. Dear Mr President of Pakistan
    Please let Mr Sarabjitsingh free from jail because he is innocent citizen of India. He was just poor farmer of state of punjab he hasn’t got anything do with RAW. Many Thanks


  94. Pakistan,
    India is not your enemy.
    If you really care for your country than get it back from the hands of foreign power. Simply release all Indians including Sarabjitsingh from jail and about time that you should stop fooling yourselves.

  95. If he has direct involvement in killing innocent ppl then no mercy. If he is innocent then hanging him will be cruelty with mankind.

  96. I request to the Indian government to please help Sarabjit’s family. Please bring him home.

    By helping I mean is ‘ACTIVE HELPING’

    Ranjit (Pune,India)

  97. we ae supporter if sarbjit singh free him from jail. i

  98. If you have a tiny content of humanity and moral we request you to release Mr. Sarabjeeth, Pls treat this request as it from a brotherhood.

  99. We Indians will do our best to get Sarbjit ji back to India…….

  100. this man should get freedom and when he gets it,he should go back and do the things for which his 20 years were spoiled.i stand by his side,i offer anything for his help within my limits.

  101. Dear Mr. President,
    I request just live humanity , live truth ,live family ,live relation ……with leave &
    alive Sarabjit Singh.

  102. Dear Sabjit SInghji’s Family,

    We sent a petition along with others to bring Sarbjitji back to Bharath. We are with you.

    S Raj and Family

  103. i can just say let him be with his family pakistani gov must fear of talibanies not of sarabjit

  104. I totally understand the feelings of Idian peoples, but you see when last year we let go one Indian (although he admit later in India that he was a SPY and RAW left him and his family alone), what did we got nothing, in fact, one of the Pakistani who over stayed his visa from Karachi, got beaten to DEATH……so you have to see how the Indian police and govt. act, when it comes to prisoners from Pakistan

  105. Lets hope he gets free from Pakistan’ prison if he is really innoccent. I wish him good luck if he happens to be innocent unlike that Kashmir singh, who proudly announced his real face when he got free after a Pakistani human right minister helped him flee Pakistan.

  106. Let Sarabjit Singh go Free, I highly doubt that Sarabjit was involved in any terrorist attacks in India, this is clearly under handed tactics used by the Pakistani government to justify Pakistan sending its own terrorists to conduct mass killings in Kashmir and Mumbai, such as Mohammed Ajmal Kasab. Even still, there is no evidence what so ever that the Pakistan government has against Sarabjit Singh to make there claim, hopefully we wish to have faith in the new Pakistani government led by Asif Ali Zardari to set this innocent man free so that he may be with his family.

  107. we will get him out :) Saccha ko jhuta koi neyi kaar payega!!!

  108. Dear Mr President,
    I think its time to do what humanity demands, please go through the case details and if it touches a chord in heart, then perhpas it is true and do a good deed
    just an ordinary human mortal;
    one who lives somewhere on earth

  109. I request the same. Leave Mr Singh

  110. plz leave S.Sarabjit Singh..
    we are heartly request to you, dat plz leave him..

  111. plz leave S.Sarabjit Singh..
    we are heartly request to you, dat plz leave him..