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Mr Awais Sheikh

Mr Awais Sheikh is a lawyer in Pakistan who is currently representing and campaigning on behalf of Mr Sarabjit Singh. Mr Sheikh is also the President of the ‘Pak-India Peace Initiative’. This is a non-government organisation.

Mr Sheikh is the author of ‘Samjhota Express’ which promotes peace between the two nations of India and Pakistan. This book is available in Hindi, Urdu and in English.

Mr Sheikh is currently in the process of writing a book about Mr Sarabjit Singh’s ordeal to publicise the miscarriage of justice in Mr Sarabjit Singh’s case. The title of this book is: ‘Sarabjit Singh a Case of Mistaken Identity’.

That there are over 7,000 people facing the death penalty in Pakistan; Mr Sheikh Advocate is willing to help them where he can and welcomes any contact from their families.

Mr Sheikh welcomes any interest in his works and can be contacted at the following e-mail address:



Mr Jassi Khangura MLA

Campaigners at ‘’ would like to thank Mr Jassi Khangura a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) of India and his colleagues for all their help in establishing contact with Mr Sarabjit Singh’s family to enable us to launch this campaign.

Find out more about Mr Jassi Khangura MLA at:


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Mr Tribhvan Gaur

, FLC India, Attorney in the USA

The free Sarabjit Singh campaign would like to thank Mr Gaur for his support and assistance. Mr Gaur is an Advocate at the Bar Council of Delhi. He is currently based in Chicago, USA. Mr Gaur is a foreign legal consultant and an Attorney in Chicago. He is licensed to practice Indian and international law in the USA.

Mr Gaur is currently advising and representing a number of foreign nationals on a pro bono basis who are in the custody of the USA. The cases concern inter alia, breaches of the Vienna Convention.

Mr Gaur can be contacted by e-mail:

By telephone (International dialling code) 773 807 1397

By post:
Non Resident Indian (NRI) Law Office,
6553, N. Campbell Avenue

Non Resident Indian (NRI) Law Office (India)
Manish Shanker Advocate
50 Old Lawyers Chamber
Supreme Court
New Delhi 1



Mr. Mahesh Bhatt

The Free Sarabjit Singh Campaign is delighted to acknowledge the support of Mr Mahesh Bhatt the eminent Indian film director, producer, writer and social activist in respect of our campaign at

Mr Bhatt has for many years been vocal about his concerns in relation to Mr Sarabjit Singh’s tragic case and has urged for Mr Sarabjit Singh’s release and safe return to his family in India. Mr Bhatt believes that this case is capable of a peaceful resolution.

Supporters at the Free Sarabjit Singh Campaign are grateful for Mr Mahesh Bhatt’s support and would like to formally thank him for the same.



Dr. Surat Singh

International Lawyer, Negotiator & Arbitrator
B.C.L. (Oxford), LL.M. (Delhi) (Gold Medalist)
Doctor of Laws (S.J.D. ‘90) [Harvard]
Advocate, Supreme Court of India & Delhi High Court
President, All American Universities Alumni Association of India.
President (Former) Harvard Club of India & Asia
Convenor, International Relations Sub-Committee
Supreme Court Bar Association of India

Supporters at the Free Sarabjit Singh Campaign would like to thank Dr Surat Singh for his valuable support.


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Mr Satish K. Batta MD., D.Sc., M.Sc.

293 E. Rose Tree Road, Media, PA 19063
(610) 891-0846,

Supporters at the Free Sarabjit Singh Campaign would like to thank
Mr Satish Batta for all his support and for highlighting the campaign to the officials in the Indian Government and officials in the Pakistani government as well as his contacts, friends and colleagues.


Gary Virk

Mr Gary Virk

Supporters at the Free Sarabjit Singh Campaign would like to thank Mr Gary Virk for all his support and for his help in highlighting Mr Sarabjit Singh’s case to his contacts in Canada. It is very much appreciated.


XL Radio Canada

“Support at free the Sarabjit Singh Campaign would like to thank Mr Jaspal Singh at XL Radio Canada for recently inviting and interviewing both Mrs Dalvir Kaur the sister of Mr Sarabjit Singh and Mr Awais Sheikh, Mr Sarabjit Singh’s advocate and adviser in Pakistan. XL Radio Canada’s support has been extremely helpful in spreading awareness of Mr Sarabjit Singh’s tragic plight and galvanising support for the campaign”

XL Radio Canada
24/7 Gurbani Kirtan Radio Station

Listen live:
Tel: +(1) 604 725 2672