Mr Sarabjit Singh was attacked by inmates in Kot Lakphat Prison in Lahore Pakistan on Friday 25th of April 2013. It is believed that Mr Sarabjit Singh died shortly after the attack. It is understood that he was left bleeding for more than two hours by the prison officials before he was admitted into hospital.
The murder was facilitated by the State; the perpetrators used sharp objects and bricks made available to them in a high security prison to attack Mr Sarabjit Singh. This attack took place during the run up to the elections in Pakistan.
The perpetrators were arrested and have yet to be tried. A prison warden was suspended.

Mr Sarabjit Singh was an Indian National who in was convicted and sentenced to death by a court in Pakistan in 1991 for his alleged involvement in terrorists attacks in Pakistan.

He had been in solitary confinement for over 19 years in a small cramp cell without sufficient space for him to stand upright. Until the recent intervention of a human rights group from Canada, Mr Sarabjit Singh remained shackled in his cell.

Mr Sarabjit Singh maintained his innocence from the outset. He continued to maintain he is farmer from a village near Amritsar in the Punjab, married with two daughters both of whom were toddlers at the time of his arrest.

Mr Sarabjit Singh’s Sister Mrs Dalbir Kaur campaigned tirelessly on behalf of her brother since his arrest and continued to do so to the end.